Angel Tyson &

Nick Gonzalez

T H E   C R E A T O R S

In 2017, Angel Tyson and Nick Gonzalez founded Movement Dance Project as a space for young dancers to gain the knowledge they need to become authentic artists and people. It's a unique program that focuses on developing the true individuality of each dancer, while forming a tight-knit, supportive community at the same time. They believe that each dancer should have the skills to feel confident and strong on their own, but also experience the power of unity.

Angel and Nick come from very diverse backgrounds in dance and film. By joining forces, they provide their students with quality, well-rounded training in various forms of disciplines. They are invested in the future of each student, ensuring that their dancers always feel cherished, valued, and supported in all aspects in and out of the studio. They value the importance of work ethic, team work, accountability and discipline in a positive way that uplifts their students and is propelled by every member of the team. 

Our focus at Movement is to provide our dancers with as many opportunities as possible. On a regular basis, students are filmed, photographed and interviewed in both class and rehearsals to allow them to find their own voice, to strenghten their performance abilities and to teach them how to conquer their fears. They are also provided with opportunities to assist Angel and Nick on local projects, as well as throughout the country, exposing them to the world of teaching, choreography and directing. Students at Movement Dance Project are given leadership roles within the studio, which places a focus on responsibility, respect and community between every student regardless of age. By blending commercial and concert dance in their training, students are equipped with a versatile palette, which allows them to be familiar, open-minded and well-rounded in all genres.  

Movement Dance Project is not just a dance company. It’s an experience. It’s a family. It’s a place where your child can grow and thrive as they become the best version of themselves.


Be the person you needed when you were young.



At Movement Dance Project, we celebrate individuality in movement, while building confidence, strength, and passion for all genres of dance. 

 Our focus is to bring a unique approach to training dancers to create better movers for tomorrow.




Small class sizes allow for hands on, personalized training for each dancer.  


Learn from the best

All of our faculty members are working professional dancers and industry choreographers that will guide and mentor each dancer down a pathway of success.



Diverse training

We focus our training on both commercial and concert dance to create well-rounded dancers in all genres.