Studio Rentals





  • 1100 sq. ft. 32x35 ft.

  • Full room 1 mirrored wall

  • Black walls

  • 14 ft ceilings 

  • Natural sunlight wall of windows + blackout curtains for no sunlight

  • Theatrical Lighting for events and Filming

  • Bathroom, Kitchenette, Full Fridge, Upstairs Loft Space Overlooking Dance Room, Water Station

  • Dog Friendly 

  • Air Conditioning

  • Wood Dance Floor | Rosin Provided

  • Professional Sound Equipment + Subs


Loft space is great for filming, a versatile production rehearsal space,  classes, live theatre, music lounge or club lighting, casting space, private setting, first floor at street level, loading zone outside door, private front drop-off for celebrities, and black out curtains. Curtain can also be pulled back for exposed windows. Overlooking Fairfax.

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movement dance project

305 N Fairfax Ave
los angeles, ca 90036